Half Locust Pose – Ardha Salabhasana


Half Locust Pose in Sanskrit is called Ardha Salabhasana. Let’s explore this posture which is very beneficial and often forgotten! When we come up to a piece of art we have never seen before, it can stir us in new and interesting ways. If the art piece is very foreign, confusing or unsettling, there is a tendency to either move deeper into the experience of the art to explore it, or move further away, rejecting that which is not familiar. Each asana is a piece of moving art that we practice, always changing. When you approach a posture that you have never seen before, it can stir you in new and interesting ways. Keep a freedom of mind and patience with new ways of yogic expression. Avoid projecting your own limiting concepts on the pose. We see art and asana through our own filter of consciousness with all its freedoms and limitations. Lets bend towards the freedom side of consciousness shall we? Perhaps, half locust and full locust are not the poses you feel the most comfort or familiarity with. Let’s try it!



Begin by lying down on your belly with your chin touching the yoga mat. Roll from side to side, while sliding your forearms and hands underneath your body. It may be best to keep the palms facing upward into the thighs, thumbs touching side by side. If possible, turn the hands facing downwards with the pinky fingers touching. The hands are gently and evenly pressing into the ground.

Observe your breathing here and continue to draw the inhaling breath slowly through the nostrils. Exhaling fully, breath out the nostrils and draw the belly up and in towards the body. On the next inhalation, raise the right leg off the floor and keep the feet pointed and reaching back without straining the toes. The hips remain on the ground and the hands support your balance. Hold the pose and breathe deeply, lowering the leg carefully as you exhale. Repeat on the left leg.


develops strength in the hamstrings and back

releives tension in the lower back, sacrum & sciatic nerve

stimulates kidneys, liver, pancreas and gonads

balances the first three chakras – the lower energy centers in the body responsible for grounding, self-esteem and will power


if you have high blood pressure, hernias, are pregnant or have a lot of pressure in the eyes/sinus region. if the elbows or wrists are sore, practice this posture with the palms facing up towards the thighs.



Published by: happyprana

Nicole Bardawill 226 236 0267 London, ON, Canada happypranayoga@gmail.com YTT 200 Akhanda (Holsitic) Yoga, Rishikesh, India. Practice of Hatha yoga asana, pranayama, mudras, mantra, and meditation. Yoga Instructor for adults, families, students, professionals, teens, kids, chair yoga. Yoga workshops, personal yoga and group yoga sessions available - private or public. Living intentional Chakra life. OM.

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